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    Seeing people the same age as you doing awesome things with their lifeimage

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    there can only be a certain number of dentists in the world at any time, no more or less.




    if you kill a dentist, you become a dentist

    what if you kill 2 dentists

    you immediately give birth to a second dentist

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    This is how I imagine Steve and Sam in 10 years

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    I am literally both of them at the same time

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    Raven’s mom knows what’s up

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    55 Words to Describe Someone's Voice


    I was sitting on the computer last night trying to be productive and actually write something. My first sentence included the character listening to a voice through an intercom and my first thought was, “What kind of voice is it?”

    So, naturally, I found myself googling…

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    I came out as a queer during football practice when my coach was like “son, you’re having trouble throwing straight” and I replied “I’m also having trouble being straight”. It got very quiet and then coach just shook his head and said “throw the damn ball, Cooper”

    i have been laughing for 3 million years

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